A Days Routine At Freshfields

Fresh Fields Equine Retirement

A days routine at Freshfields starts with that quite moment and peacefulness that surrounds here.

A morning check is done by Bryan Paterson, Sally’s partner. A person we cannot do without. There is always something that needs doing on the 56 acre farm all year round.

Bryan has been involved since day one so not only knows the horses here, but has a keen eye open to see what also needs doing.

Fresh Fields Equine Retirement HomeThe rest of the team, Lauren, myself and our helpers get on with the caring and the feeding side of things In the summer months checks are made daily, fly masks are put on if needed, all given a good morning check over and medication given if needed.

In the Winter months haylage is provided, rugs changed according to the state of the English climate, those on full livery are given morning feeds, but here the horses all seem to manage very well on the haylage and still grass.  They are then rugged up and put out into the paddock until tea time, when they are brought back in rugged up and given their tea time feeds.

As the day passes you can see how all is calm. The horses here are so content and happy. They all settle in very well. The clients too are welcome at anytime to visit, bring their horses in to groom, or just chill out with them in the fields. Sally is always there to have a chat with or one of her staff.

There are beautiful surroundings here, which we hope clients enjoy and relax as well as their horses.

As night time comes Sally likes to do the evening check and catch a few special moments herself with the lovely horses and animals we have here.

Please feel free to come and see us and make your own minds up.