Fresh Fields Equine Retirement Options

Grass Livery Option 1 £65 per Week

• Grass livery. Well secured wooden fence paddocks .They range from 3 acre paddocks to 25 acre fields.
• Laminitic paddocks.
• Natural shelter with natural spring water.
• Company with compatible companion horses.
• Checked daily. Feet checked etc.
• Groomed
• Rugs changed as weather dictates no charge. Rugs cleaned repaired .Charged to owner.
• Fly masks fitted if necessary. Fly spray applied fly sheets if required. Fly spray supplied by owners.
• Hay/ Haylage is supplied during winter months 1st December- 1st March Then charged to owners
• Regular farrier visits (Charged to owners.) plus groom fee of £12.00
• Vet on call 24/7. Routine jabs . Strict worming programmes etc . Charged to owners plus groom fee
• Medication/ Bandaging. Charged to owners .
• Respite nights in winter £12.00 per night .
• Hard feed plus supplements to be supplied by owner

Grass Livery Option 2 £75 per week

This is for a horse that has an evening feed and more care due age etc.

  • Otherwise as Option 1.

Full Livery Option 3 £95 per week

Includes hay/haylage bedding. Owners to be charged for Hard Feed. Includes all mentioned in option 1 .


This will be discussed with owners etc. It is our GOLD CARE SERVICE FOR SPECIAL NEEDS POA.

Additional Fees

Winter will be discussed with clients to see if they would like their horse bought in and put on full livery, or left out and just bought in for respite nights. Respite charge will apply
A groom fee charge of £12 .00 per hour will charged for additional labour i.e. Vet, Farrier visits and treatment of any ailments.
Hay & Haylage used from 1st March will be charged to owner at cost, unless on full livery.
If stables are used by owners when visiting please can they leave them clean and tidy.
Extras will be charged monthly around the 25th of the month. Please pay these separately
With owners ref and horses name.