Fresh Fields Equine Retirement Options

Option 1 £60 per Week

  • Grass keep in well secured wooden fence paddocks.
  • Laminitis paddocks.
  • Natural shelter with spring water.
  • Company with compatible companion horses.
  • Feet checked daily.
  • Grooming as required.
  • Rugging as weather dictates. Rugs cleaned as necessary (Charged to owner.)
  • Fly masks fitted if necessary. Fly spray applied fly sheets if required.
  • Hay / Haylage is supplied during winter months 1st December – 25th March.
  • Regular farrier visits (Charged to owners.) plus groom fee of £10.00 per hour
  • Vet on call 24/7. Charged to owners plus groom fee
  • Medication / Bandaging, Tetanus, Flue, Worming as required . (Charged to owner.)
  • Use of stables during winter months or as required. £8.00 per night
  • Stables mucked out and fresh straw added daily. If on full livery hay/haylage included in price.
  • Hard feed plus supplements to be supplied by owner

Option 2 £95 per week full livery

  • This includes use of stable all round. Turn out in the morning and bringing in pm . Hay/Haylage. Owners provide their own food. Groomed daily. Rugs done etc.
  • Convalescence care . as above but with own paddock extra £20.00 per week.
  • Otherwise as Option 1.

Additional Fees

A groom charge of £10.00 per hour will charged for additional labour i.e. Vet, Ferrier visits and treatment of any ailments.

Hay & Haylage used from 25th March will be charged to owner at cost unless on full livery.

If stables are used by owners when visiting please can they leave them clean and tidy.